Volumising mascara lasting up to 16 hours

SKU: 9741895

Volume Reveal from Bourjois is the first mascara to reveal your true lash volume potential.
The integrated 3x zoom mirror reveals all your lashes, even the tiny, wispy ones at the eye’s inner corners. The lash catching brush is designed to reach each lash and coat it with deep black colour, from root to tip. From the very first stroke, Volume Reveal gives a thick, velvety fringe of volumised lashes. Every single lash is volumised/without exception! Plus, its long-lasting, clump-free formula gives lashes up to 16 hours hold.
With its built-in mirror and unique two-tier brush all in a clever, convenient package, Volume Reveal Mascara is the perfect on-the-go mascara! Ophthalmologically tested on contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes.


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