A sebum-absorbing foaming cleanser that deeply cleanses pores for oil prone skin.

A sebum-absorbing foaming cleanser infused with effective ingredients to deeply cleanse pores and polish away roughness, helping to remove oil. Moisturize and balance skin, prepping it for further skincare treatment. Signature Japanese ingredients, sebum absorbing powder & cleansing granules, provide oil removing benefits. Exclusive InternalPowerResist technology strengthens skin and defends against pollutants*. This cleanser is ideal for skin prone to blemishes, breakouts, roughness and blocked pores*. Deeply cleanse for radiant skin. *Tested by 112 women Oily / Combination Skin: skin prone to blemishes, breakouts, roughness and blocked pores. DERMATOLOGIST TESTED. Immediately after use: 91% said it lifts away sebum, leaving skin feeling fresh* *Tested by 112 women


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