An intensive overnight sleeping face mask with yuzu citrus to recharge your skin and your mind during the night.


An intensive gel moisture wrap made with yuzu citrus, replenishes and recharges your skin overnight. Delivers dewy hydration to skin that has lost moisture and clarity due to stress and lack of sleep. Inspired by Washoku, a Japanese food tradition, WASO is formulated with Washoku ingredients to help balance and build skin’s resistance to problems, hydrate skin, and target oiliness and pores. Experience a total moisture wrap with a juicy, dewy gel cream. Capsules burst open and immerse skin in moisture until morning. The result is a radiant, healthy looking complexion that is energized from within. Features PhytoResist System+ which helps to clean up pores and removes impurities that cause roughness and breakouts. Clarifies and resets skin stressed by exposure to dirt and pollutants. All Skin Types. Dermatologist-tested, Non-comedogenic, Paraben-free


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